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The FLI Student Success Center supports a variety of programs through our office. Learn more about mentorships, guardian scholars and more. 

Undergraduate Students

Learn more about the resources the FLI Student Success Center offers for our students at different levels of their academic careers.

Graduate Students

The Stanford FLI Student Success Center is also a hub for first-generation graduate students. We know that many of the challenges that FLI students face do not simply disappear after college and we are here for you. The FLI Student Success Center is currently working to better understand the unique needs of the FLI graduate community and concurrently designing programs and resources to address them.

Guardian Scholars

The Guardian Scholars program (formerly known as Fostering Connections/Hemlock Scholars) was developed in 2018 to support the needs of current and former foster youth, students who are experiencing homelessness and those who come from non-traditional living environments but were not technically placed in care. The Guardian Scholars Program (GSP)  is here to nurture you as you continue to flourish, build community and gain the skills needed to thrive at Stanford and beyond.


The FLI Student Success Center is aware that many transfer students come from first-generation and/or low-income backgrounds. That is why we are here to support you and provide you with resources!