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Graduate Students

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The Stanford FLI Student Success Center is also a hub for first-generation graduate students. We know that many of the challenges that FLI students face do not simply disappear after college and we are here for you. The FLI Student Success Center is currently working to better understand the unique needs of the FLI graduate community and concurrently designing programs and resources to address them.

Academic & Student Life Resources

As a first-generation and/or low-income graduate student, you may continue to grapple with similar academic challenges as you did in undergraduate, or you may face new challenges in your graduate school journey such as writing your thesis, acquiring grants to fund your research or graduate degree etc. 

Financial Resources

Though there are many financial resources at Stanford designed for both graduate and FLI students, some expenses will inevitably arise throughout your time on campus. In order to support you through these challenges, we have compiled a few resources on this page to address common challenges around FLI financial wellness.

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