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As a first-generation and/or low-income graduate student, you may continue to grapple with similar academic challenges as you did in undergraduate, or you may face new challenges in your graduate school journey such as writing your thesis, acquiring grants to fund your research or graduate degree etc. Thus, below are a list of non-exhaustive academic resources for FLI graduate students:

  • Graduate Life Office (GLO):  The GLO serves the entire graduate student population at Stanford and their families. GLO deans are a source of comprehensive, impartial guidance and information related to all aspects of your life as a graduate student, including 24/7 crisis assistance 365 days a year.  Call Operator at 650-723-7288 and share GLO pager ID#25085 for immediate assistance.
    • Their specialty is helping graduate students, and they are here to help you navigate the issues, challenges and complications that are an inevitable part of life. GLO can assist with a variety of situations including, but not limited to personal issues, roommate problemsfamily and health concerns, academic challenges, financial difficulties, advisor issues and more!

    • GLO oversees the graduate residential Community Associate (CA) program, New Graduate Student Orientation, and the Graduate Student Programming Board.

  • Office of accessible education

The mission of the Office of Accessible Education (OAE) is to promote an accessible and inclusive environment for all students with disabilities. Through both academic and housing accommodations, they work to mitigate physical and attitudinal barriers that students might face. They are dedicated to supporting students with disabilities to give them the opportunity to perform at their highest academic potential.

  • BEAM drop in hours for FLI students

The Career Catalysts team at Career Ed work at the intersection of identity and career development to ensure that students from all backgrounds and experiences (seen and unseen) feel heard and supported as they take the next steps in their career journey. Discussions can include around topics such as career and/or identity-related questions, review your application materials, prepare you for an upcoming interview, and more! 

Every Tuesday 2-3pm in person every first Tuesday of the month and virtual every other Tuesday  Zoom ID : 989 2494 6975 Password: 473367

  • Stanford Learning Lab

The Learning Lab team guides students to develop rewarding, sustainable academic and professional habits by getting to know them as individuals.  Their specialties include partnering with students with learning differences/disabilities, facilitating transition for frosh and transfer students, and mentoring faculty to integrate universal design principles into their teaching. They offer a space where Stanford students with learner variability get the support they need to exceed even their own expectations. Click here for more information