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Financial Resources

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Though there are many financial resources at Stanford designed for both graduate and FLI students, some expenses will inevitably arise throughout your time on campus. In order to support you through these challenges, we have compiled a few resources on this page to address common challenges around FLI financial wellness.

Mind Over Money is the financial wellness program for students at Stanford which can be used to gain knowledge, skills and habits to be financially well and Stanford and beyond.

  • Informational resources:
  • Services around campus:
    • Free tax clinic sessions for international students: Bechtel Taxes page
    • FLIP drives: The first generation and low-income partnership hosts a zero-waste drive every year with different items including household and clothing items: Join their mailing list JOIN THE we_the_flip MAILING LIST!
    • Be sure to check out their FLI @ Stanford Guide that was put together by Ian Macato ‘19.
  • Courses offered around financial wellness: 
    • MS&E 41: Financial LiteracyPractical knowledge about personal finance and money management including budgeting, paychecks, credit cards, banking, insurance, taxes, and saving. Class especially appropriate for those soon to be self-supporting. Limited enrollment. Admission by order of enrollment in Axess.
    • Financial Literacy workshopoffered by Mary Morrison at the FLI office in the latter part of the Spring quarter as students prepare to take internships, graduate, and travel over the summer.