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FLI Well-Being Coach - She/Her/Hers

Sheralynn Magallanes

Connect with Me About Well-being

I’m Sheralynn (she/her), the FLI Well-Being Coach! I am the proud daughter of a single mother, granddaughter of immigrants from the Philippines and Korea, and was a first generation, low-income community college transfer student. I am mixed race (Filipino, Korean, & white) and I grew up in the East Bay Area. I studied Communication and I have a background in diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) and mental health. I love envisioning new ways of thinking and being that allow us to be our most liberated and authentic selves.


More About Sheralynn

I support students in navigating Stanford who are coming from a first generation and/or low-income (FLI) background. Students come to coaching for everything from help with social life to help staying focused in school while still managing family matters back home. Examples of other topics that FLI students come to coaching for are: feelings of isolation, imposter syndrome, survivor’s guilt, culture shock, border living, identity development, and much more.

The FLI experience is incredibly unique, powerful, and diverse in and of itself, and it can be helpful to have someone guide you who comes from a similar background. This is a huge part of what we do at the FLI Student Success Center, and this is at the core of what I do as the FLI Well-Being Coach. My main goal is to help you connect with yourself so that you can be the author of your own story while at Stanford.

Things that fill my cup: writing, singing, dancing on a night out, enjoying seasonal shifts, the color orange. My love languages are: words of affirmation, quality time, and acts of service. We all have a right to heal and be well, and it’s my mission to prioritize this for our FLI students at Stanford.

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