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FLI is here to help you as you navigate Stanford and beyond. Here you can access a variety of resources curated by our team. 

Centers for Equity Community and Leadership

The Centers at Stanford are part of a tapestry that speaks into the conscience of the institution. Each Center’s work has been, and continues to be, integral to the advancement of equity at Stanford, the deepening of intellectual engagement, and the cultivation of well-being for Stanford students.


What is Academic Support? Academic support often are programs and strategies utilized to increase academic achievements of students, particularly for students who may be at risk.

Financial Support

The FLI Student Success Center is here to support you. We recognize that financial resources are essential to many FLI students. Find more information about our eligibility criteria and the resources we offer here.


The FLI Student Success Center has reopened the FLIibrary (FLI Library) to support FLI students with donated textbooks required for classes. These textbooks are at no charge to FLI students and can be used the whole quarter. If you are in need of a textbook and are a FLI student, please stop by the center on the 2nd floor of Old Union to see if we have your textbook in our FLIbrary before purchasing one on your own.

FLI Mentorship Program

The FLI Student Success Center believes in the idea of "lifting as you climb." Through the FLI Community Mentor Program and the FLI Alumni Network, we empower those who have already had experience navigating Stanford to pass on their institutional knowledge to those coming after them. 

Food Security Resources

Nutrition security is defined by the USDA as "having consistent access, availability, and affordability of foods and beverages that promote well-being and prevent (and if needed, treat) disease, particularly among racial/ethnic minority populations, lower incomes populations, and rural and remote populations". Food and nutrition insecurity has significant impacts on mental, physical and social wellbeing and educational attainment.

Mental Health and Well-Being Resources

FLI students continue to prove themselves as compassionate and resilient scholars but at the same time, there are resources to support the wellbeing of both graduate and FLI students at Stanford. Please take whatever steps you need to stay healthy, safe, and connected to each other.