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Applying and Eligibility Requirements

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Apply to the Summer Equity Grant (SEG) and learn about eligibility requirements. 


Students Will Need to Do the Following.

  • Complete and upload the Summer Equity Grant Spending Spreadsheet listing all expected expenses and sources of funding
  • Submit documentation of expenses (e.g.: lease and bills, housing contracts, etc.). If you do not have a formal lease (e.g.: you are renting from a family member) or if you're living with roommates, please include what you have to verify your living arrangement, a copy of the master lease/mortgage, and complete our sublease agreement form. You need to be able to provide documentation of the housing option you plan on using. Estimates for multiple possible housing options are not acceptable.

    • If your opportunity is on-campus, please be mindful of cost for interim periods (including which residences offer interim housing and which don't), summer fees, and meal plan requirements. Visit RD&E for more information about summer housing assignments.
  • Students do not need to submit documentation for food expenses. Food costs are calculated based on USDA recommendations for a liberal plan for a male age 19-50 regardless of your gender identity. Link to USDA website
  • Acceptance letter for program. Submit documentation of opportunity that includes length of program (with start and end date), expected hours per week and income (hourly rate or lump sum for stipend), where the program is taking place, and whether the opportunity is in-person, hybrid, or fully remote. If unpaid, documentation should indicate such.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Parent Contribution must each be 3,500 or less
  • Can only be used ONCE during summer quarter and the summer opportunity needs to occur between June 12, 2024 to September 15, 2024
    • Students who have not received a grant before and Juniors will be prioritized in our review process.
  • Student must be pursuing a full-time opportunity, whether that is an internship, conducting research (excluding thesis research), participating in a fellowship, or participating in a community service program in the United States
    • The opportunity must be a minimum of 30 hrs per week and must be at least seven weeks of the summer.
  • Living expenses up to $6,500 (this includes food, internet [if required to work remotely at all], utilities, transportation, and rent)

Questions about the Summer Equity Grant (SEG)? Please contact us.