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Expenses Covered and Not Covered

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Here you can learn about what expenses are and are not covered by the Summer Equity Grant (SEG).

Examples of Expenses Covered

  • Housing/Utilities
    • This includes rent, support for utilities (water, electricity/power, gas, etc.), and any other shared housing expenses 
      • If a student is living at home, with family members, friends, or family friends and required to pay rent, then no more than 33% of the rent/utility expenses will be provided. The master lease/mortgage and utility bills will need to be provided along with the sublease agreement to be considered.
  • Food (based on USDA recommendations. See below)
  • Transportation (if needed and with supporting documentation)
    • Local transportation, up to $200 (cost of public transportation, gas, etc. to/from your opportunity and where you're staying)
    • Flights to the location of the opportunity and back home after opportunity concludes, if opportunity is not located in student's home city
  • Wifi accommodations, if required to work remotely (with supporting documentation)
    • If you are living with others, you need to be sharing this cost, unless stated in your lease/sublease agreement that you will be solely responsible for this

Expenses Not Covered

  • Family expenses, if student is NOT living at home
  • Health Insurance Costs*
  • Cancellation Fees associated with housing, transportation, etc.

*Students who receive the Summer Equity Grant can still apply to the Opportunity Fund for other expenses (e.g.: computer support, medical/dental expenses, emergency travel, citizenship expenses, etc.)

Questions about the Summer Equity Grant (SEG)? Please contact us.