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SEG Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore frequently asked questions about the Summer Equity Grant (SEG).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is transportation covered to and from the opportunity?

Yes. We cover up to $150 for transportation to and from your opportunity for a typical 10-week opportunity. This can be for weekly/monthly passes for public transportation, gas in a personal vehicle, etc. For any opportunities longer than that, we will add an additional stipend as necessary based on amount of time.

Transportation to and from the airport if we have to fly to our opportunity?

We will cover roundtrip ride share costs to/from your home & home airport and destination airport & destination residence, up to $200.

Does the opportunity have to be in the US?

Yes. Unfortunately, the opportunity needs to take place in the United States, though it can be with a company based in another country as long as you don't need to report to the opportunity in person or you're able to report in-person to an office in the United States.

Are co-term students or graduating seniors eligible?

Unfortunately, due to the demand typically seen in the Summer Equity Grant, graduating and returning seniors are the lowest priority and unlikely to receive funding. Incoming co-term students who are currently eligible for the Opportunity Fund would be a lower priority than a continuing undergraduate student. For this reason, all seniors and co-terms are discouraged from applying for the Summer Equity Grant.

If my opportunity is providing a stipend, could I still use the summer equity grant for additional costs such as transportation?

It depends. We have every student complete a budget based on their projected living expenses over the summer. If the stipend you received from your opportunity covers all of your living expenses, then you would not be eligible for a Summer Equity Grant. However, if your stipend does not fully cover your living expenses, then you are eligible to apply for additional support from the Summer Equity Grant.

What is the processing time of the application? What is the earliest expected time to hear back?

Similar to the Opportunity Fund, you should hear back within 1-3 business days either for additional information/documentation or with a decision. However, it could take up to a week to receive some sort of response.

If I'm not approved for a Summer Equity Grant, does that impact my eligibility to apply to the Opportunity Fund?

No! These are separate applications, and if you are eligible for both funds, then your Summer Equity Grant decision will not impact any Opportunity Fund requests.

Questions about the Summer Equity Grant (SEG)? Please contact us.