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2020-2021 Financial Support

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1. Full Time Enrollment

Opportunity Fund

Eligibility Requirements

  • Parent contribution toward educational costs must be less than $6,500
  • Note that we can make exceptions on a case by case basis in communication with the financial aid office
  • Must be enrolled full-time

What's Covered

  • Travel costs related to a death or illness (or other emergencies)
  • Citizenship fees, visa fees, DACA fees or other government expenses
  • Assistance with laptop repair or replacement in the event of an emergency ($1,000 limit one-time during your academic career at Stanford, computer expense form required)
  • Medical/dental expenses that are not covered by the Financial Aid Office
  • Attending conferences/workshops ($1,000 limit twice during each students' academic career)
  • Expenses associated with parent/guardian/family attendance at major campus events, with the exception of graduation (one-time)
  • Expenses associated with preparation for graduate or professional school admissions and preparation (test prep materials, preparation class, test registration fees, visits to the institution if it’s not covered through the institution)
  • Summer Storage ($200 limit)
  • Bike Repair/Purchase ($150 limit)
  • Assistance with professional clothing (One time, $250 max per student)
  • On a case by case basis we can provide support with resources that a student requires as a part of their accommodations as outlined by the Office of Accessible Education

2. Flex Term Status

Flex Term Grant

Eligibility Requirements

  • Parent contribution toward educational costs must be less than $6,500.
  • Can only be used while a student is on a Flex Term and  only available during the 10 week span
  • Student must be working a full-time internship, job, community service (must be working min of 30hrs a week and must be working at least 6/10 weeks of the flex quarter)
  • Living expenses include food, internet, utilities and rent
  • Can only be used ONCE during the 2020-21
  • Must be enrolled at least 2 quarters during the year 

Examples of Expenses Covered

  • Supplemental housing/ utility grant
  • Family expense if student is living at home and is responsible for contributing to food, rent, utilities
  • Supplemental food grant
  • Transportation (if needed and with supporting documentation)
  • Wifi accommodations during COVID due to the need to work remotely

Not Covered

  • Family expenses if student is NOT living at home

Additionally, students who receive the summer equity grant can still apply to the opportunity fund for other expenses , i.e. computer support, medical and dental expenses, emergency travel, citizenship expenses, etc.

3. LOA

Leave of Absence Status

Eligibility Requirements

Students are able to apply for funding for expenses related to returning to being an enrolled student and would include citizenship/DACA/Visa fees. These will not be covered for students who have had 3 or more consecutive quarters of Leave of Absence.

Eligibility Requirements

The financial aid program is committed to meeting the needs of students related to their academic program and helping you to make progress toward your degree during this period.  Funding for tuition and university fees, as well as books, personal expenses and living expenses, is available based on your individual financial circumstances during quarters in which you are enrolled. 

Students are not expected to contribute toward their educational expenses through work over the summer or during the academic year as has been the standard practice in previous years.  Because full need is being met with scholarship and grant funds, you may find eligibility for programs like the Federal Work-Study program to be significantly curtailed during quarters in which you are enrolled.  You may consider taking advantage of Federal Work-Study as well as the Community Service Work-Study program through Haas during your flex term.

For complete details about the financial aid program for 2020-2021, including a worksheet to help you think through your resources if you decide to change your living situation, refer to the FAO website.