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FLI Mentorships

The FLI Office believes in the idea of "lifting as you climb". Through programs like the FLI Community Mentor Program and the FLI Alumni Network, we empower those who have already had experience navigating Stanford to pass on their institutional knowledge to first and second-year students. 

Mentorship is essential to our students' sense of belonging and ability to go about their college experience with confidence and the comfortability to reach out when they need help. We are extremely lucky to have students who are committed and passionate about supporting their peers succeed academically, professionally, and personally. 

FLI Community Mentor Program

The First-Generation Community Mentoring Program is beginning its sixth year. Its focus is to connect first-generation undergraduate students with graduate students and alumni mentors to build a sense of community and develop opportunities for first-generation and/or low-income students by creating connections across campus and beyond. The program has formal and informal events to elevate campus-wide conversations about class and privilege as well as connect mentors and mentees with resources across campus and beyond. Newer to the program is our collaboration with BEAM. We have partnered with BEAM to incorporate more alumni engagement with the Mentor program. This includes using the Stanford Alumni Network platform for mentors and mentees to access alumni to create relationships and networks to move closer to their goals. We also have the Lunch with Alumni series which allows students to have a more casual conversation with Stanford Alumni on a topic of interest. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

How it works:

2021 FLI Mentor Mixer

To sign up for the program fill out the form here:

If you have any questions please email: Jennifer Rolen (Assistant Dean and Associate Director of the FLI Office) at or Olivia Ledbury (Student FLI Mentorship Coordinator) at


2021 FLI Mentor Mixer