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FLI Mentorship Program

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FLI Mentorship Program

The FLI Office believes in the idea of "lifting as you climb." Through the FLI Community Mentor Program and the FLI Alumni Network, we empower those who have already had experience navigating Stanford to pass on their institutional knowledge to those coming after them. 

Sign Up Here:

FLI Mentorship Program

How it works:

alt: FLI Mentorship Program infographic explaining the program. Following sign up, undergrads and grads will be matched in pairs, and each pair will be matched in a pod.

To sign up for the program fill out the form at

Rolling application deadlines:

Round 1: Tuesday, October 17th, 2022

Round 2: Tuesday, December 5th, 2022

Round 3+: TBA


Mentor/Mentee pairs: You are expected to meet with your mentor or mentee at least once a month. This can be in person or virtual. At the Meet Your Match Event in the fall, we will ask you and your mentor to commit to a meeting schedule. While we understand that unexpected events may occur, we expect you to meet monthly for the majority of the school year.

Pods: You are expected to connect with your pods once a month. This can be in person, over zoom, in a group chat, or any other method agreed upon by the group. Alumni/Faculty leaders will be expected to coordinate this along with their students and facilitate conversation surrounding the FLI experience, how to get the most out of your mentor relationship, and other conversational topics that will be sent out by the office at the beginning of each month. 

You are also encouraged to attend one in-person event hosted by the office per quarter and meet with your mentor/mentee in person at least once (if possible). The FLI Office has the capacity to distribute coffee gift cards to help encourage in-person connections.

Follow the FLI Office Instagram for updates on programming, events, and other resources (@stanford_flioffice)

If you have any questions, please email the FLI mentor team at

Our Mission

The First-Generation Community Mentoring Program is beginning its seventh year. Its focus is to connect first-generation undergraduate students with graduate students and alumni mentors to build a sense of community and develop opportunities for first-generation and/or low-income students by creating connections across campus and beyond. The program has formal and informal events to elevate campus-wide conversations about class and privilege as well as connect mentors and mentees with resources across campus and beyond. Newer to the program is our collaboration with CareerEd. We have partnered with CareerEd to incorporate more alumni engagement with the Mentor program. This includes using the Stanford Alumni Network platform for mentors and mentees to access alumni to create relationships and networks to move closer to their goals. We also have the Lunch with Alumni series which allows students to have a more casual conversation with Stanford Alumni on a topic of interest. Follow the FLI Office Instagram (@stanford_flioffice) and stay tuned to the FLI Mentorship mailing list for events, programming, and updates!