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Program Coordinator

David Sengthay


Second-Year Student, B.A. Candidate — Urban Studies

I am a second-year undergraduate at Stanford University majoring in Urban Studies and coterming in Public Policy. Eventually, I intend to return to my hometown of Stockton, California, and run for local office, advocating for an equitable world that serves my community’s interests while dismantling outdated power structures that have kept students like us out of institutions like Stanford. During my first year, I became active in the Southeast Asian (Cambodian-American) diasporic and First-Generation Low-Income (FLI) communities of our university. This year, I will be working at the FLISSC (First-Generation and/or Low-Income Student Success Center) and serving as the Historian & Webmaster for the CamSA (Cambodian Student Association). If you’re interested in my experience as I navigate my identities and the spaces I inhabit, feel free to hit me up or drop by the FLISSC while I am working!

Stanford Affiliations