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Here's What to Expect

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You've submitted a request to the Opportunity Fund, now what? Here you can learn about what to expect during the process. 

Process Details

  1. Submit your application the Opportunity Fund.
  2. A member of the FLISSC Team will review your application, usually within one week.
  3. If there is missing documentation or more information is needed, a FLISSC Team Member will contact you. You will have two weeks from the day you receive that email to provide the additional information or documentation to us before your application is withdrawn.
  4. Once your application is approved by the FLISSC, it will be sent to the Financial Aid Office for review.
  5. The Financial Aid Office will approve your application and submit it to Student Financial Services for disbursement. There are reasons the Financial Aid Office might not approve a request:
    • A student being on a leave of absence.
    • Already having received funding for the request previously. 
      • Usually in the case of a laptop. 
    • Not having room in your budget.
    • Or similar reason. 
  6. Student Financial Services disburses your award. You will receive your grant in the same form of disbursement you would normally receive aid, direct deposit or paper check in the mail. 
  7. If you requested the funds prior, submit your receipt to the Opportunity Fund via our Receipt Tracker on the FLISSC website.

If you are having an emergency, please don't hesitate to email us so that a staff member can provide support.