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Academic Advising

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Academic Advising provides comprehensive academic guidance across all the years of your undergraduate career. From the summer before you begin your Stanford journey through graduation, Academic Advising is here for you.

More About Academic Advising

Every student is assigned an Academic Advisor at the start of the new school year. Academic Advisors are there to support students with the confusing things about Stanford as you decide a major and navigate fulfilling course requirements to graduate but are also there to chat with students about how the school year is going and answer any questions that might arise throughout the year. 

Drop-in Advising

From Autumn to Spring, we have Drop-in Office Hours here at the FLI Student Success Center. During FLI Student Success Center Drop-in Hours, we also have advisors from CareerEd (Stanford's Career Education Center) and from the Haas Center for Public Service available in case you want to talk to someone about internships, resumes and cover letters, or career development; or about getting involved with public service.

Additional Resources

Academic Skills Coaching

Academic Coaches help you tackle challenges like time management and procrastination, as well as preparing for exams and managing anxiety that comes with taking an exam.  Academic Coaches work one-on-one with you to help you improve your academic strategies, suggest changes to your approach, find school/life balance, and provide encouragement as you implement new ways of learning. Academic Coaches work with all Stanford students at all stages of their academic careers, including undergraduates, graduate students, and professional students, as well as post-docs. If you’re interested in making an appointment with an Academic Coach, check out their website for more information and how to apply, click here.

Academic Advising on Cardinal Compass

Cardinal Compass is designed to help you navigate your first year at Stanford but is also useful during the rest of your time at Stanford. Check out the Meet Your Advisors tab to learn more about the various advisors you will encounter at Stanford as well as how to use these meetings and resources to your best advantage. The Advising Student Handbook explores some of the most common academic advising issues that Stanford students face. Whether you're deciding on a major, trying to get started in research, or struggling and looking for help, these pages offer a place to start and pathways to explore. 

  • Check out the rest of their website for more information.