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Opportunity Fund Eligibility

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Effective as of 9/1/2023: Students are Opp Fund eligible if the Parent Contribution on their financial aid notification is $3,500 or less. We are no longer taking into account the Student Contribution.

More About Eligibility

Check your most recent Financial Aid Notification to see if you are eligible. Students must be enrolled to receive funds through the Opportunity Fund. Students on Leave of Absence are able to apply for funding for expenses related to returning to being an enrolled student, which also includes citizenship/DACA/Visa fees. These will not be covered for students who have had 3 or more consecutive quarters of a Leave of Absence.

The Opportunity Fund is a limited resource and funding is not guaranteed. Before completing any purchases, please be sure to apply to the Opportunity Fund and wait for your approval email. We are only able to reimburse up to the quarter prior to the current quarter (e.g.: Summer Quarter reimbursements processed in Autumn Quarter).

Incoming Students (Frosh and Transfers)

The only expense prior to your enrollment as a student that we can reimburse students for are laptops purchased on or after May 31. No other eligible expenses made prior to the first day of classes will be approved. No exceptions.

If you need assistance with a laptop, there are a few options:

  1. Students with outside awards can apply for support through the Financial Aid Office using their computer expense request form
  2. If you have a Welcome Grant, you will need to use that to help with your laptop purchase. Please contact your financial aid counselor for assistance.
  3. If you do not have the Welcome Grant, you may apply to the Opportunity Fund. Please note: laptop support is a one-time grant throughout your Stanford undergraduate career, regardless of the funding source.

Graduating Seniors

The last day to apply to the Opportunity Fund for funding is April 15, 2024. Please keep this date in mind and get any and all requests for eligible expenses in by that date. We are not accepting any applications, regardless of the request, after this date, unless there is an emergency. If you will be participating in graduation/commencement but are not conferring your degree at the end of spring and will be continuing your undergraduate studies in following quarters, the deadline for support for graduation related expenses is still April 15, 2024.