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Opportunity Fund Manager

Esme Garcia


Esme Garcia is a proud Bay Area native, born and raised in Redwood City! She is passionate about working with FLI scholars, and strongly identifies with the FLI community, as she is first in her family to attend and graduate from a 4-year college. As the Opportunity Fund Manager in the First Generation and/or Low Income Student Success Center (FLISSC), she works closely with various campus partners and offices to ensure that eligible FLI students are accessing the fund and other available resources to ensure their success in obtaining their college degree! Esme has worked in both higher education and in the K-12th grade school system. In her various roles, she has advocated and centered the voices of historically underrepresented youth, and whole heartily believes that every student should have the opportunity to pursue a higher education degree, with the resources needed to succeed. Esme holds a BA in Sociology and Latin American Studies from the University of San Francisco and her Master's degree in Organization & Leadership from the School of Education at the University of San Francisco.